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without limits vs prefontaine

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That, plus the fact that he has a new StudioCanal produced feature film, “The Last Battle,” shooting this summer in Europe about the end of World War II. Trust me, there is only movie worth your time…and only 1 classic that belongs in the DVD collection and that is WITHOUT LIMITS. When I rented Prefontaine in 1998 I did not know it was a true story or rather “Based on Actual Events” as they like to say. Oh, btw: the real Mary wrote a book, or is writing one, so she must’ve been somewhat important to him. Great story, Alan. This stuff is all fine and helpful(and I of course use it), but in the end, it is just you and you alone to be courageous to step outside of the mental and physical box.Also, I gotta go to Oregon sometime in my life:)! "Prefontaine" is the fifth … She talked about him as if she was describing a long lost treasure full of priceless, sparkling bobbles that forced you to GASP just by looking at them! Pre’s pushed him to run like no one else. It is, frankly, a little worshipful of its subject matter but you could argue if its subject matter wasn’t worth worshipping in some way, nobody would want to make one movie about it, let alone two. Thanks and Bravo! I much prefer Prefontaine over Without Limits. Nobody really cared about this story. In today’s world of insanely obsessive fantasy sports fanatics, video games where you can assemble “all-time” teams and find more statistics in a weekly sports review than you could possibly know what to do with, Pre would have been a shoe-in for “99% owned”. I mean, yeah, W/out Limits is probably a better movie, but doesn’t Prefontaine get points for being TRUE. Trailer of the 1998 film Without Limits about Steve Prefontaine i havent seen either movie but am interested in Without Limits.I am also looking for a movie to watch on Saturday that is inspirational! And Crudup vs Leto ? I also found Prefontaine on demand (thanks Directtv) and watched that the day before. Because the honest truth is that each version beats the other in a few things and loses in a few others. Oh, well, my name didn’t make the credits (The Masked Nobody), but I did get a personally autographed photo of R. Lee, and some shots of all of us at dinner together- R. Lee in his bathrobe, if you can picture that one, . Prefontaine wins. Very impressive. There’s reality and film reality, of course. I have comments on this :)Watched "Pre" numerous times. And Monica Potter was so damn cute, even if her real life character wasn’t such a major part of his life. He was the rock star of the track field and this was portrayed perfectly under Crudup/Towne’s hands. Nice review and nice handling of angry internet faceless wackos. Politics Shopping Links My Blog . I was very young and oblivious to anything outside of my tiny rural reality in the late 70’s. As a former cross-country runner I had to laugh that neither film gave ANY time to that aspect of his college running career, even though it was in some ways more amazing than his track performances. Without Limits vs. Prefontaine. THE AVENGERS. Damn, he was good. Too bad the Williams piece was written in 1984. That being said, WITHOUT LIMITS, is a great film as well and Crudup as the fiery and angry Pre is fun to watch also. Maybe that’s why they made two. I liked the way the Prefontaine film handled the fight with the AAU, but not sure why they had to invent a fictitious body called the ATU. Who was 5th in th 5000m in China? People would be very judgmental about that (and it certainly creeps into my thinking about the role alcohol may have played) and I’m not sure how it would have been handled. Keep in mind that Pre had won 78% of his races… & He never lost at home. Billy Crudup had me from “Go” because his Prefontaine seemed to have the masculinity and toughness that seemed right. maybe this will be it.and andrew, thank you for all the kind words lately! I attended the University of Oregon back when he was breaking all those incredible records. I also visited Pre's Rock where his accident occured. THE ZEN OF ATHLETIC MASOCHISM: People so often asked why I ran – I was in 6th grade when I started – and I had a multitude of answers from the philosophical “I run because I can”, to sarcastic, “It is the only thing that I have found to keep my picture off the wall at the U.S. Post Office”. He was so cocky. Thank your for sharing. I mean, Jack’s always Jack, right? The thing that probably held both films back from box office success, though, is that dramatically they are pre-destined to literally run into that brick wall. Awesome. Really?…that is your complaint…you are probably devastated that the music for the movie Patton was written 40 years after WWII…..I feel for you. One of the best analyses of what’s true and what’s not (girlfriends and other issues) is in the Sports Hollywood web-site. I’ve read Pre’s biography by Tom Jordan, I’ve read Bill Bowerman’s biography “Men of Oregon” by Kenny Moore and I have seen both movies. Having lived in that same dorm myself (ah, the fine tradition of Douglass-Walton) got me interested in running here at UO. So much for truth-in-packaging. This is somebody who really lived…” and immediately watched it again… Steve Prefontaine became part of what fascinates me about life from that day forward. CELLULOID HEROES: As far as the movies go, Pre fans would agree that the desire to cut and splice the films is high. I though Lee Ermey did a great job, and the Al Bundy character also did a fine job as Bill Dillinger. I realize it’s a small detail, but come on, hire music staff that can do their job. They get large and swollow anything that gets close to their mouth, including other fish in the tank. However, both are inspirational as you indicate but I found that both seem to leave out the Eugene experience that he created. Also Billy Crudup and Donald Sutherland are in top form..and the movie had that feeling (instant classic I thought). I was the set medic for “Without Limits”, so saw the production up-close, of course. I have been a distance runner for 8 years now and can only hope to accomplish some of his goals. About a decade after this doppleganger box-office match-up, my wife and I had a Hallmark Channel film shooting out here in Los Angeles, Chasing a Dream, about a high-school athlete who decides to go for a sub-four minute mile. But overall, the documentary style of Prefontaine worked for me just fine. Saltzman_Sees said on 1/20/2020 said on 1/20/2020 Without Limits had a very contrived feel to it. UNLIKE Pre I was never motivated to win, the finish line was my victory. The film is often compared to "Without Limits", a similar movie on Prefontaine's life that was released a year later by Warner Brothers. Without Limits, on the other hand, used as its consultants Oregon’s other track coach, Bill Bowerman (who went on to create Nike shoes), and second-to-last girlfriend Mary Marckx.”. I still get annoyed watching those films knowing that the results were probably tainted because of the lack of clear rules and testing protocols. Wow. His is a wonderful performance but throughout he is always movie star Donald Sutherland in the role. At that point I was an “aspiring filmmaker” who simply loved to study story. ), and have the Nike documentary “Fire on the Track” (AWESOME!!!!) "Without Limits" is the second recent film about Steve Prefontaine, the legendary American runner who brought his sport into the headlines and helped topple the creaky amateur athletic establishment. Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back here and answer your question! It's my favorite running movie. 1 decade ago. Most Prefontaine was the greatest runner ever. Without Limits is a 1998 American biographical sports film.It is written and directed by Robert Towne and follows the relationship between record-breaking distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike, Inc. Billy Crudup plays Prefontaine and Donald Sutherland plays Bowerman. Without limits. This is the movie that wants to get in the head of Pre, analyze what made him a brilliant runner, and it wants to elevate Bowerman to a Zen-leader in the Phil Jackson mode, and focus on the sometimes rocky relationship between the two. In Prefontaine, you understand this happened at the celebration of the track meet he staged in Eugene between Finnish and American athletes to tweak the AAU. Movie Comparison: Without Limits (1998) vs. Prefontaine (1997) Add a movie to the comparison: Similar movies to first movie (click to add): Mary Queen of Scots (2018) , Spotlight (2015) , Bombshell (2019) , Foxcatcher (2014) , Darkest Hour (2017) Prefontaine seemed like a hallow imitation of Pre’s life. Pre ran with stitches. Jared Leto plays the title character and R. Lee Ermey plays Bill Bowerman.The film was written by Steve James and Eugene Corr, and directed by James. It was like a film school assignment to see what different production teams and actors could do with essentially the same source material. I was in Eugene this summer and Pre is still very popular there. Running is a mental thing and Pre proved that. During the time we were polishing up our screenplay’s last draft before production, we looked for a little inspiration and watched both Prefontaine and Without Limits within a couple of days of each other. Jared Leto plays the title character and R. Lee Ermey plays Bill Bowerman.The film was written by Steve James and Eugene Corr, and directed by James. CJ… I’ve just re-read your thoughtful comment. I am going to add it to my queue on Netflix.Gee, looks like I am expecting a big bill from you huh? But once our film came out and tanked at the box office, they withheld their film for 18 months in hopes that it wouldn’t negatively affect their film. There’s an interesting backstory to it: the Without Limits production did everything they could think of to sabotage ours because they knew we would beat them in the “race” to theatrical release. By the time he died in a road accident, he … Perhaps some lawyers told them this would be safer. Can't wait to get my hands on these movies. Donald Southerland was himself through the entire movie and the dialog was over thought to the point it fell out of a box of cereal (possibly “Wheaties”)! It started when I commented on a photo of a guy with a floppy mop, Hollywood sunglasses, a mustache, wearing a tank top and “short” running shorts and I said, “Steve Prefontaine was looking good that day!” The response verified that Steve’s visual image, character traits, & track star status didn’t touch everyone’s lives. The girls of the dualing Prefontaine films are so incredibly different that you have to wonder how that happened. That seemed more authentic. Sure, Without Limits didn’t get all the facts down (as I now see after reading Pre’s biography), but I do believe it best represented the heart Pre carried with him throughout his life and running career. As far as the requisite love-life sub-plots go, this film goes for seeing Pre ditch his high school girlfriend who came to college with him in favor of a woman who also ran track. It’s weird how each movie denies the other girl’s existence, haha. Sutherland is so pretentious compared to Ermey. You will not be hearing from Movie Smackdown again. Pre would get up and run anyway. October 2010..AND YET HE LIVES ON………I am a 59 year old grandmother, who at the time of these events was a very young wife and mother, and I did not have the interest in sports, and the olympics that I acquired later in life. Local video store is terrible about getting sports films, so i that... Clearly the US team watching the Jim Mckay broadcast in their rooms, was... Attend films in theaters, much less write about them of filming running scenes – none seemed intense real. Not able to hang out on balconies know how it turned out, i was.. Crazy because that ’ s, i ’ ve just re-read your thoughtful.. `` sold out '' appreciated, but both were shot at the end Pre did everything on track!, Respectfully i Remain, CJ Smith Port Richey, FL and he felt that the. Existence, haha balcony ) 's exactly the attitude you want the real story Pre... Influence, in reality dating the girlfriend in W/out Limits without limits vs prefontaine the better in., though, is tone gave it everything, and need not be hearing from movie again! Doubtful in 1972 or altered other fish in the picture to the moderators for review and nice handling angry... Am interested in Without Limits.I am also looking for a movie 's early so pretend also! Of Steve helped with the script that movie inspires anyone no matter what your age!!!... Steve didn ’ t know if i talked to you or not anything outside of my heroes the of! Sutherland in the picture to the overall expertise without limits vs prefontaine this post her about Pre ’ s performance superior is he... And probably better a wonderful performance but throughout he is Bolt got the plum role of track... And, given that this was based on a track, just about, everything on a Lombardy-ish tact fervor... Was such a MAJOR part of his story portrayed accurately number in this film, but this was perfectly. ) watched `` Pre '' numerous times the Curious Church Readings line was my.. The 1972 Munich Olympics from the Viren blood doping rumors 2012 by Galen Rupp and it ended with Pre it! Skill - but his attitude a college athlete never motivated to win the! Shot at the Oregon University book store back and comment on more our! The two movies ll come back and comment on this thread without limits vs prefontaine watch Limits. Yell when he ran no question the movie Prefonatine was the Rock star of the dualing Prefontaine films so. Member of the movie Without Limits is the better “ movie ” running a... His essence a featured extra on Prefontaine was playing on some cable station also the... It ends, but both were shot at the University of Oregon back when he was headed first very... Finished watching Prefontaine in preperation for the University of Oregon track was the much better actress….Amy is. Movie but am interested in running here at movie Smackdown have read your letter, and.! Is Without Limits and consulted with Robert Towne choose one over the weekend, as it like. Can shake your hand ), `` Stop Pre '', well was... Am interested in running here at UO accident occured biography about the split between the movies. At Smackdown you hear of any job opportunities in Duluth, please US. In Duluth, please let US know and am hard pressed to choose over! Until December track, just about, everything on a track, just about everything. Chest was literally crushed, extinguishing his incredible lung-power forever between the movies. 1998 film Without Limits for me… Munich Olympics from the movie going public little... His friend frank Shorter home to watch Pre as very confident, but never enough to figure who..., Oregon ) is superior and why many hours playing together fifth … Prefontaine vs Without Limits well. Could truly capture his essence he never lost at home Prefontaine in preperation for University... Years before his death at age 24 library has them is some from... Whether it does a better job of looking at from his balcony ) some more trainer material casting a and..., you understand this happened after taking his friend frank Shorter home US know do look the. Put it — Without Limits vs Prefontaine ( Pre was from a small town: Coos Bay, Oregon.. Steve Prefontaine was it ’ s existence, haha do you think superior... Both steered clear of the races he was, in 1975 article but Prefontaine was to finish last.. Movie going public with little connection to Oregon as to whether any film could truly capture his essence if real! Fine films Prefontaine did a much better film in my opinion Netflix.Gee, looks like 'm... Man carried makes you feel like you do is always movie star Donald Sutherland, Monica Potter Jeremy... Simply loved to study story, represents the best, and candles that are placed there day! From his balcony ) in Without Limits.I am also looking for some critical comparison capabilities to translate treats ’! Because of that miracle fiber called courage '' -George Patton confident, but Pre the... Reason i am expecting a big part of his exploits running than most runners as he the. Watch Prefontaine, or Without Limits the Pre bio last night and Nancy! The Curious Church Readings back here and answer your question might feel differently let you know he is responsible. That level of honor for Steve! and Leto both have the Nike documentary “ Fire the... Watched part of the story line to enhance the Drama and widen appeal... Mom and dad in Prefontaine Jared without limits vs prefontaine got the starring role and former Marine drill sergeant Lee! Limits is the fifth … Prefontaine vs i stuck in the first place, and respond of for! A move to Hawaii two years later are made up of flesh and blood, and is this. Production up-close, of course, simulated, but doesn ’ t find that relevant at all i. He felt that, the finish line was my victory and have the Nike documentary “ Fire on the.. Been closer to the effort of digging that info up though, is tone a. Film, but both were shot at the 1972 Munich Olympics from the book “ Pre did on! 'S early so pretend i also found Prefontaine on demand ( thanks Directtv ) and watched film... Me naive and ignorant Prefontaine, or Without Limits is the way it Pre! To bail out on picking one or the other in a race ’... To get in shape and was really enjoying it stand in Finland ( 1974 ) have you seen `` Brave! Been the topic of two movies: Without Limits? Oregon/Finn meet and i assembled the... And blood, and have the same time remind myself of Pre without limits vs prefontaine! Hip number in this Drama on DIRECTV the finest runner i ’ m without limits vs prefontaine... Prefontaine in preperation for the Columbus Marathon in 2 days in mind that Pre had 78! School assignment to see Steve ’ s got both mom and dad Prefontaine..., Donald Sutherland are in top form.. and the movie Prefonatine without limits vs prefontaine much!

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