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does glock make a 38 special

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We also carry 38 Special ammunition. They primarily use reworked ruger vaqueros and winchester 1873’s and stoeger double barrel 12 guage or 1897 pump 12 gauge (also reworked.) It is often too hard for someone to ‘test drive’ a gun to make an informed decision, and the bone headed sales people that stereo type people just suck. The Glock 30 is just as straightforward to disassemble as every other Glock on the market. Check to make … The .44 Special used to be a very common round, but not as common as the .38. The first piece of advice from my Field Training Officer when I was a rookie cop in 1969 was to empty my Colt OP revolver and belt loops of the issued 158 gr ball ammo and replace it with 110 gr Super Vel JHP’s. The .380 bullet is essentially a 9mm bullet with a slightly shorter shell casing and is also, but less commonly, referred to as a 9mm short. But it was in good machanical shape(must have had a good armorer). They make no exception here with this .38 Special revolver. “The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the mid-1980s.”. The Glock handgun is widely regarded as one the most popular semi-automatic pistols, with users ranging from LE to recreational users. A variety of different gun models, recorded from different perspectives both indoors and out. But most don’t know about its performance since it hasn’t been around for long. Quality rounds (like the Gold Dot +P) will expand to about .55″ and penetrate ballistic gel to a depth of 12″+ when fired out of a snubnose pocket revolver. Look up Buffalo Bore. A trusty revolver loaded with .38 hollow points is my desk drawer gun as I type this right now. The best European 9mm target pistols can achieve these types of groups – eg, the Sig P210’s, the Hammerli’s, etc. My wife does not like much recoil & the Magtechs are surprisingly easy on recoil but the way it blows the jugs is impressive & the recovered slugs show perfect expansion; so do the Remingtons. It’s actually quite easy. The semi-auto fanboys always want to compare much larger guns to snubbies. The Gen4 G30 has the same weight and dimensions as the SF, but with a few extra upgrades that make the gun stand out from the original G30. . At least, not as used in snub-nosed revolvers. Note, however, that it seems like it was always the plan to eventually give the Philippines its independence; it was just taking too long (it was going to take decades, not days) for the Filipino revolutionaries. Good starting point for those new to the reloading game. If you load your .380 ACP with Polycase Ruger ARX ammo you have about the same punch as a .38 Spl JHP. The standard “target” load for the .38 Special is 148 grain wadcutters at about 625 to 750 fps (depending on barrel length, powder, primer, etc). The “thirty-eight-special,” was a simple lengthening of the .38 Long Colt round that had proved so inadequate against the Moro warriors of the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. atblis, Feb 10, 2010 #22. Joined: Jun 3, 2009 Messages: 303 Location: Northwest Wisconsin. The only design differences are that the Special had a strengthened frame and lengthened cylinder to make space for the more potent Smith and Wesson 38 Special … And for decades after the US and the Philippines had a very close and friendly relationship because the US never treated the PI like a subject colony like Spain and Japan did, and the US came to the Philippines’ aid as much as it could in times of crisis. Federal’s new .357 Sig 125 grain jacketed hollow point round, on the other hand, generates 506 foot-pounds with a velocity of 1350 feet per second. Another reason is how well the new .38 Special loads handle in these older revolvers, especially with the lighter bullet, self-defense rounds available today. If it wasn’t doing this, then it was sent back to the gunsmiths in S&W’s shop until it did. Considering the reputation of both these rifles, who do you think got the lemon(s)? The Glock you are using in your example has a 4″ barrel … apples and oranges and all …. I’ve said again and again that I recommend used (eg, police turn-ins) S&W .38 revolvers for older people who want a gun in their home for home protection, but don’t have the money, time or physical ability to go to the range to become ninja operators with a semi-auto. Had my Savage 24 (357 over 20 gauge) rechambered for 357 maximum back in the 80’s. But this makes me want to put some rounds through my Taurus Poly Protector too! I didn’t even know that Elmer was a famous man – us kids just called him Uncle Keith. The Model 52 can literally feed one empty case into the chamber after another without a hiccup or jam – so you can feed full wadcutters into the 52, seated flush with the case mouth. Then the .44 Mag came out, completely overshadowed the .44 Special, and now it is difficult to find a new production wheelgun in .44 Special. Refreshing, as some others have posted. The whole “finger off trigger until ready to shoot” thing is a relatively new development from the past few decades. Dang me if it wouldn’t be interesting to go back in time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges. Eight FBI agents armed with pistols and shotguns engaged two bank robbers armed with superior weapons. 357 magnum is flat point, or so every version of it I’ve ever seen is, so no worries there. Yeah, plus terminal ballistics aren’t the same as muzzle energy. []]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ------)_'_\ * (. You know you are seeing something special when you see someeone working the leveraction fast enough to have all 10 pieces of brass still in the air with no misses. I really like the .38 SPL cartridge. Thank you. The .38 Special was introduced in 1898 as a military service cartridge as .38 Long Colt had insufficient stopping power against the wooden shields of Moros during the Philippine-American War. They are shooting steel plates and this reduces lead splatter and all you want to do is hit the the targe, not poke a hole in it. What makes you think he’s not ready to shoot? .38 Special is special as you can in SHTF situations, load it with black powder…, https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132938. The k frame .38 revolver is the perfect gun for folks that just want to have a gun in case and have no need or want to become POTG. The higher velocity of .357 Sig not only translates into more energy delivered on-target but gives it a flatter shooting trajectory over nine-millimeter and .38 Special. And there are wonderful examples of guns that were designed to launch the .38 Special with excellent, match-winning results. While the round is not the “one plus ultra” for such use, neither is it exactly a slouch. We also carry 38 Special ammunition. Firing cartridges that are shorter than “maximum chamber length”, such as .38 special in a .357 magnum-marked revolver, creates a spray of lead, copper and other fouling on the inside of the cylinder’s chamber. Leave it to Colt’s nomenclature methodology to measure the case diameter rather than the British method of bore diameter. Also CCI 38/357 shot shells would not chamber in the Marlin & they do in the Ruger. The physics of it is real, but the practical implications could be limited, and could be more or less pronounced based on the ammunition used. It is now my wife’s “carry” gun(if I can get her to carry it). Plop all those factors into jbmballistics.com and we ask for a trajectory table every five yards. One of the beauties of a .38 revolver is the ammunition suite. As with all of this, everything is a compromise, there is no ‘golden bullet’. 10 rounds of of 9mm +p = 125 gr at 1250 fps (out of a Glock 26) or 5 rounds of 38 special +p = 125 gr at 900 fps (out of a 1 7/8" barrel) Glock 26 is a lot of fire power in a small package. It’s so bad, that I’d say Henry is risking a class action lawsuit by advertising their rifle is suitable for both .357 and .38 special. Sign up for SASS and attend the meets in your area. Allows me to handle any mix of 38 and 357 I might want including a 180gr round nose from a 35 Remington onto the magnum or maximum. This post was a refreshing change from all of the political stuff. 1.39 X 2 = 2.78. At contact range I think you are just as well off with that snub-nosed revolver chambered in .38 Special and loaded with either 150 grain full wadcutters or soft lead 158 grain semi-wadcutter hollowpoints. At close range, a fixed sight revolver such as the S&W Model 10 or Model 36 3” would work fine, but as distances grow, an adjustable sight will aid the serious marksman to target the point of impact accordingly. Super fun to shoot cowboy loads in revolvers and lever guns and cheap to reload. A semi-auto with a five round magazine, optimized for accuracy for bullseye shooting. Ruger is working on bringing this gun out in an 8 shot .22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes. That helped too. My Ruger LCR weighs 14 oz and fits in my front pocket. We should have listened to the founding fathers, minded our own business, and not gotten into that war (and most wars since). I took it as the ubiquitous nature of the guns and availability and variety of the ammo, not that the rounds were anywhere equal in power. My pre WW1 Colt police positive is in 38 Colt new police almost mouse gun ballistics it was a copy of the .38 S&W round but with a healed slug it was also a blackpowder round and was very popular with small police forces right through the 1920s I once was given a wooden keg filled with about 300 rounds in black powder loading that by its stencils was sold to a county sheriff department in 1929 i was 13 and just shot it up back in 1959 and about 1 round in 8 was a dud I pulled the slugs and added them to my melt for my reloads… but it was wimpy load and I am a bit amazed that it stayed an issue weapon for so long with so many police forces. With the Buffalo Bore +P load, the performance is nothing short of amazing: I got 1000fps with the 158 out of my 4″ Colt E-frame and about 900fps out of my 2″ Detective Special. At bedroom distances, the .38 Special will work fine. Had a real nice .357 lever gun too, but was too damn ammo picky & sold it. I understand why some people want to shoot 9×19 or .45 ACP in a revolver. I personally think there’s a good market out there for a five shot .44 Special with a 2.5 or 3″ barrel for a CCW piece. That’s why I got a bunch of .357 Rugers from the LCR to the GP100 & a Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle to go with them. The biggest training issue is the increased recoil of the .357 Sig round, which is considerably greater than the nine-millimeter round. Each GLOCK pistol was designed and engineered to respond to our customers’ needs. Stepping up to 357 in a carbine will give 2000 fps with 125 gr and nearly that much with 158. Steps it up to around 1200 fps. In fact, it jams it up like a sumbitch. Heck, both bullets are about the same size; .38 Special uses a bullet .357 inches in diameter, the 9mm round is .355. I don’t know about .38 special cycling in the Ruger, but the Ruger at least has a 5 round rotary magazine, so the rounds are held separately and parallel to each other with no contact whatsoever. They expect the same mild recoil of an old S&W Model 10 out of the alloy-framed 442.

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